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Tuition prices: $30 per day enrolled fee
$90 a month for each day enrolled (example: 2 days a week will be $180 per month)
Hours:  We are open Mon-Fri from 9:30am-2:30pm.  
We offer an extended day until 3:15 for an additional $5.00 per day.


      Administrative Staff and Board Members                                     
Program Director:  
Carolyn Lamiell
                      Board Member:  Stefani Hess, Arlene Larsen
Assistant Directors Arlene Larsen & Stefani Hess
                 Board Member:  Suzanne Ray
Secretary/Bookkeeper:  Pamela Camp            Board Member: Amber Brooks and Jerri Bowlware
Board Moderator:  Carolyn Lamiell
                         Board Member: Lynn Weathers and Cole Abbott