Program Philosophy of

Southern Hills Child Development Center


It is our belief that each child is a unique individual and requires nurture and guidance to develop.  Our program is designed to encourage the intellectual, social, emotional, spiritual, and physical growth of each child.  Our approach to learning is child centered, with self selection an important aspect of our activities.  A variety of developmentally appropriate activities are available to encourage the process of learning in a “hands-on” environment.


We believe that in the early childhood years, children are learning self-control.  We endeavor to help them do this by setting clear, consistent, age appropriate limits.  We believe in promoting a positive self image and respect for all persons.


We believe that adults who work with young children must be sensitive, enthusiastic, concerned, flexible, and highly skilled.  The quality of any early childhood program depends largely on a dedicated staff.  Our staff is selected with care and is required to continue their training in child development and/or early childhood education. 


Because we believe a safe, healthy environment is necessary to a child’s well being; we strive to maintain ourselves and our facility according to the highest standards.  Through our actions, we hope to teach children responsibility for themselves and their world.