Arrivals and Departures

The Child Development Center operates from 9:30-2:30 Monday through Friday during the school year.  An extended day program is also available and operates until 3:15.  An eight week summer session is held during June and July.  CDC observes the same holidays and breaks as Edmond Public Schools 2017-18 Calendar.  Please be sure to check CDC's calendar for changes.  A complete 2017-18 school calendar is available here on our website.


Please park in the lot on the southwest side of the building or the angle parking on the north side of the building.  The parking lot off of Boulevard is used for CDC staff and the church.



Arrival Procedures:

v The classroom doors open at 9:30.  If you arrive prior to 9:30, you may wait in the entry areas outside the gym. 

v Children are to be checked in on the attendance sheet posted at the door when they enter the classroom.  Please make sure you deliver your child to their classroom or the playground.

v If you arrive after 9:30 and find the class is not in their room, check the class schedule posted at the bulletin board to find out where your child’s class can be found.

Departure Procedures:

v Children are to be picked up by 2:30

v Children must be signed out when they are picked up

v Anyone other than a parent who is picking up the child must be authorized in writing on the enrollment form and/or student ID card.  The CDC staff reserves the right to request identification of anyone unfamiliar to them.


If you arrive more than five minutes after the close of your child’s day, your child will be in the Director’s office.  If you are unavoidably detained, call the office (341-0100).  Children become anxious when their friends have left and they think you may have forgotten them.  Knowing that “Mom is on the way” will ease fears.  Late pick up fees will be assessed as follows:

v 2:30-2:40   $5.00

v 2:40-2:45   $10.00

v After 2:45  $10.00 plus $1.00 for each additional minute


Late fees will also apply to the extended program in regards to a pick-up after 3:15pm.  


If any kind of a child custody agreement exists that would restrict a biological parent from picking up their child, a copy of that agreement or court order MUST be on file in the Director’s office.  Should the custodial parent agree to an exception, a note to that effect, listing the days or dates of the exception must be presented before we will release to a non-custodial parent.