Please send your child in comfortable easy to manage clothing.  Try to avoid belts, jumpsuits, and lots of buttons.  No jewelry or jewelry-like items can be worn by the children for safety and choking reasons. We do many “messy” activities so plan to dress for “messy” and not for “dressy”. 


Dress your child for the weather.  We do not have the staff to keep a child inside.  We go outside unless it is raining, below 32 degrees, above 100 degrees or there are severe wind chills.



Please send your child in tennis shoes or other rubber soled shoes.  Cowboy boots, sandals, crocs, and flip-flops are fun but not safe for climbing, running, or riding trikes and scooters.



Children are not allowed to bring toys to school except for special events.  Parents will be notified if and when such events occur. Books are always welcome to bring and share with the class.  Toys guns, knives, or other things which could be considered disruptive and/or dangerous are not allowed at CDC.


Potty Training

CDC will assist you and your child(ren) in the potty training process.  We do ask that you follow our guidelines.  When they first come to school after starting the process, and until they can tell the teachers they need to use the restroom, they must be in a pull up with Velcro. This is for sanitary reasons. Home and school situations are different, although each classroom from the Giraffes on up has scheduled potty breaks, the children get busy playing or don’t want to give up their toy and/or forget to tell the teacher.  The pull ups with Velcro are needed to keep our school clean. 



We pride ourselves on having a wonderful child care program. With that in mind, periodic outbreaks of biting can occur among infants and toddlers. When a child is bitten, we are careful in responding to the biter. Our goal is not to reinforce the biting behavior with negative attention. The biter is immediately removed with no show of emotion, and all our attention is directed on the child who has been bitten. We clean the wound thoroughly. We look into the context of the biting incident for reasons. Was this a one-time incident? Was the biter teething? Was it a bite that was meant to be a show of affection? We work with each biting child so that he or she will choose to not bite again. We make special efforts to protect all children. Each biter will be dealt with on a case by case basis.


School Safety

Board policy prohibits the possession and/or carrying of any dangerous weapon or replicas of weapons by students, employees, parents, or any others while on school property.  If infractions of this policy occur, they will be handled by the CDC Administration on an individual basis.

Playground and Big Room Safety

We do our best to maintain the big room and playground areas in a safe condition and inspect them daily. We monitor the children while they play in these areas and teach them safety rules on an age appropriate level. Parents should dress their children as per the Clothing and Shoes sections above. We cannot be held responsible if they fail to follow the rules or are not dressed appropriately. We will also not be held responsible if a child is hurt in the course of play for reasons not caused by Southern Hills Child Development Center's negligence. 



Parents provide lunches each day.  Send a nutritious lunch and drink (no soda please) that your child enjoys and is easy for your child to manage.  Do not send foods that need to be heated in the microwave.  All lunches containing perishable foods must be in insulated containers with an ice pack or frozen juice box so that foods are kept at 45 degrees or cooler.  We ask that you do not send candy.  It is often the first and only thing eaten.  Children need a good source of protein at lunch. 


The children in the Guppies room have access to a refrigerator and a microwave.  Clearly label all containers, bottles, lunch boxes, backpacks, etc.



Parents are asked to sign up monthly to bring snacks for each child’s class.   Please send a simple nutritious snack.  We ask that you avoid sweets and sugary treats.  Teachers are happy to offer suggestions and class favorites.  At times, we have children with severe allergies to specific foods.  The most common is a peanut allergy.    As situations arise, we may post notes at specific classrooms asking parents not to send products containing peanuts or peanut products. 



We have 3 or 4 parties during the school year.  You may be asked to provide a special snack for those occasions.  Each child’s birthday will be recognized at school and you are welcome to bring a special snack on that day.  Party invitations may NOT be distributed at school unless each person in the class receives one.  This prevents hurt feelings.


Please help us maintain a healthy and safe environment for the children.  State licensing regulations will not permit us to keep an ill child in the classroom.  Please call us if your child will be staying home due to illness.  Please do not bring your child if they show signs of the following:

v Fever, over 100, for any reason.  Your child must be fever free without medication for 24 hours.

v Nausea, vomiting, or diarrhea for any reason.  Your child must be free from vomiting and/or diarrhea for 24 hours.

v Common cold – excessive cough.

v Any symptoms of childhood diseases such as; scarlet fever, measles, chicken pox, strep throat, flu, etc.

v Chicken pox – all sores must be completely scabbed over and dry underneath.

v Heavy nasal discharge (green).

v Any unexplained rash.

v Any skin infections – boils, ringworms, impetigo, thrush, hand-foot-mouth disease, fifth disease.

v Inflammation or discharge from eyes.  Your child must be on medication for 24 hours before returning to school.

v Head lice.


When in doubt, please apply the golden rule.


CDC does not routinely administer any medications or essential oils.  Two exceptions to this policy are the use of an epi-pen for children with severe allergic reactions and asthma inhalers are the other medication that can be used at school.  The epi-pen or inhaler must be in its original container with the child’s name and specific instructions for use included.  The epi-pen or inhaler will be stored in a safe location in the child's classroom.


If your child is too ill to play outside, please keep him or her at home.    If your child contracts a contagious disease, please notify the school immediately.


We think of communication with parents as a continuous process.  We want to let you know how your child is participating in the classroom.  We also appreciate any information about changes, concerns, or celebrations in your child's life that will help us get to know him/her better.  We ask that all adults respect the children by not talking about their behavior in front of them, other children, or other parents.  Children hear everything and often misinterpret the information.  Ask the teacher for a phone appointment or a conference time if there are issues that need to be addressed.

CDC's Newsletter is published monthly.  The newsletter is an important tool for dispensing information about what is happening at CDC.  PLEASE READ THROUGH EACH ISSUE CAREFULLY.

Conferences for children in rooms Explorers, Superheroes, Monkeys, Superstars, and the Discoverers will be held in the fall and the spring.  If you feel the need for a conference at any other time, simply schedule with your child's teacher, or contact the director.