Children with Special Needs

As educators, we recognize that there are developmental concerns that arise during the early childhood years.  We believe in educating the whole child; however, our facility and staff may not be equipped to assist all children’s needs.   We want the best environment for the children currently attending our school, as well as the least restrictive environment for the child with special needs.  Therefore, it is the policy of Southern Hills Child Development Center to make reasonable accommodations for the children with special needs.  It is our intent to integrate children with special needs into the program to the extent feasible, given each child’s situation.  Our program may not provide the least restrictive environment if accommodations result in significant difficulty or expense to the program, if adaptations for behaviors fundamentally alter the nature of the program, or are not readily achievable; or if the child’s condition will pose or does pose a significant threat to the learning, health, or safety of other children or staff and there are no reasonable means of resolving the situation.  The Director may request documentation that the child is receiving proper outside services.  After consultation with the parents, the child, the teachers involved, and if necessary the child’s doctors and/or therapists, the Director will make a case-by-case decision whether CDC is capable of meeting the needs of the child with special needs.  If we are unable to assist your child, we will attempt to direct you to the proper resources.